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Written by Sync-Master on September 14th, 2009

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SugarSync is the Sharpcast’s combined online service that offers cross-platform file syncing, backup and sharing. Its particularity is a supporting of gadgets like Windows Mobile PDAs, phones and iPhones. It allows to sync, share and access files with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Android-driven and other phones. All the sync software applications are free for download at PocketPC remote backup also is possible. SugarSync has several awards, including those from Laptop Editors’ Choice and Mobile Innovation’s Top Innovator. CNET called it “Most useful sync tool ever.”

SugarSync online backup service

The SugarSync’s slogan “Your protected and shared data. Anywhere. Anytime.” is not just about marketing when you recall that your lovely gadget may be crashed without chances to repair, or simply stolen. You may buy a new one, but the priceless data will be lost forever. Backing up to external HDDs or DVDs is a relatively cheap way, but it requires manual intervention and isn’t tolerable to natural disasters. Plus, in most cases it leaves data unencrypted. Experts in computer security agree that it’s safer to have backup copies of important data somewhere in remote location, off-site.

SugarSync’s software allows transparent, automatic backup to remote servers with the ability to restore data immediately at any place, with any type of Internet access – broadband, WiFi, GPRS, etc. In the SugarSync Manager, you need to select the folders and files you want to backup and be able to access remotely. SugarSync uploads the files to its servers and – wow! – they are ready for sending online to any computer that is registered at your SugarSync account! The initial backup may took several hours over broadband connection. But after it’s made, the following “incremental” backups are quick, because only new or modified files are uploaded. So, if you have gigabytes of data for backing up, plan on doing it overnight, especially if you have a slow connection.sync

SugarSync’s sync software

SugarSync isn’t merely a backup solution. It’s possible to sync files such as your MS Office documents, photos, music, and media to all your computers and web-enabled mobile phones, instantly. For example, you install SugarSync Manager on two computers: PC with Windows, and Mac. The software then automatically synchronize the files you’ve backed up on the initial PC, putting copies on each of the machines’ hard drives. When you edit a Word file or any other document on a desktop computer, SugarSync replicates the change on all registered and configured machines. So when you open the file on a laptop or PocketPC, you have the most recent file and continue making changes. If the computer isn’t connected to the Internet, then synchronizing takes place when the machine goes online.

Need to sync Mac with PC, sync Windows Mobile with Mac, or sync Blackberry? Maybe to sync iPhone with PC, or Blackberry sync Mac?  No problem, because SugarSync is online sync software that’s specially designed to sync files on mobile devices. SugarSync gives instant access to your latest file version with any web-browser. Sync music files? No problem. File synchronization never was easier!

Online file sharing

Sync softwareThe service is not a merely backup and sync solution. SugarSync also lets users to share files across an unlimited number of computers. That means access, editing and sharing any data from any computer – and whatever changes you make will automatically replicate across all your computers. You can store documents, photos, music, videos – and once you’re synced you can access them from any web-browser or web-enabled mobile phone. Since version 1.5, file sharing feature allows to share any files and folders like photo albums.

Online file sharing allows to work in tandem or even in team. SugarSync enables to share any file or folder with limited or unlimited access to whomsoever you choose. Collaborate freely, by using remote file access! But if you need more functional permission system, look at with its FolderShare feature.

Online photo storage

SugarSync can be used as online photo storage. It automatically organizes photos into online albums for viewing and sharing. This feature is very useful for traveling photo-hunters. Need free photo backup service with 5 GB space? They have it! If SugarSync does not approach your needs for some reasons, read the review of an alternative service for online photo storage.

Online music storage

Stream your entire music collection? It’s easy with SugarSync! Keep your music library updated with latest additions. Stream your music live and limitlessly to any browser or iPhone.

iPhone and iPad backup and sync

SugarSync is compatible with iPhone and iPad. There are no questions like iPhone sync, iPhone backup, iPad backup and sync, or “How to sync iPhone to PC”.
Just go to the from your iPhone. You’ll see that the mobile site is customized specially for the iPhones.

SugarSync as Android-ed cell phone sync software

  • Remote file access and browsing
    Retrieve and view files from any computer in your SugarSync account.
  • On demand synchronization
    Edit documents directly on your phone (requires separate editor software). SugarSync detects file changing and prompts to upload revisions back to the cloud and other computers.
  • Local file management
    Browse and upload files stored directly on the phone. Allows to copy and paste files to other folders, create new folders, rename, etc.
  • Shared folders
    Send folders and files to anyone and collaborate on projects through Shared Folders.
  • Powerful Photo features
    Browse photos stored on your computers in large or small format and directly upload photos taken with Android camera phone.


SugarSync is a secure way to backup, sync, and share data from any computer, PDA or mobile phone with Internet access. All the data is securely transferred over the Internet using SSL, encrypted with 128-bit AES, plus SugarSync stores copies of files in multiple data centers. You can even recover any file deleted by accident! (The Deleted Files folder is located in folders list within each device registered for SugarSync service). But 128-bit AES encryption is not highest available on the online backup market. For example, Mozy uses 2 levels of security – 128-bit SSL encryption while transferring and the strongest 448-bit Blowfish encryption for storage. It’s understandable, because SugarSync had never positioned its service as a professional-grade solution.

Plans (first 30 days are FREE)

  • 100 GB (Individual)
  • 250 GB (Individual) - most popular!
  • 500 GB (Individual)
  • 1000 GB (Business)

    1-3 users, Admin control, Live phone support, Remote Wipe Computers.
  • Custom (Business)
    Get custom plan
    10+ users, Admin control, Live phone support, Remote Wipe Computers.

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Reasons for managing files & media with Sugarsync

You get a single solution for online backup, computer sync, file sharing and remote/mobile access. All your computers and gadgets for one low price!

All SugarSync subscriptions start with a 30-day free trial (credit card needed). The customer chooses their subscription plan and payment frequency (monthly or annual) when they register for a free trial. At the end of the 30 days, the account will automatically convert into an auto-renewal paid plan.
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