SugarSync download and step-by-step free signup

Written by Sync-Master on June 9th, 2009

1. Click the banner below:

Try SugarSync Free!

2. On the next page click the button “Try Sugarsync FREE”.

Try Sugarsync FREE

3. On the next page that will open, click the button “5 GB Free Plan”.

2 GB Free

4. Now fill in the sign-up form and click Sign Up button.
Your password strength must be 6 symbols minimum.
The name of the subdomain – 4 symbols minimum. By default in this field will be inserted an account name of your registration email. You can sign up for a free email account on server, for example.

Free sign up form

5. On the next step it will be offered to download the install file of the SugarSync Manager (about 8 MB). It’s required to manage your files. However, you can download it later. The SugarSync Manager is totally safe, without any adware and spyware.

Downloading SugarSync File Manager

At the time of the install file downloading check your registered email. If you have not received the email with subject “Activate Your SugarSync Account” for a long time, then click the link “we’ll send you another one” to repeat an activation email sending.

Check activation email

6. The last step in SugarSync signup process is the activation of your new Sugarsync account.
So, you have received the email with subject “Activate Your SugarSync Account”.
Click the activation link in the body of it. You’ll see the welcome page with congratulations and links to
a) SugarSync Manager install file download (if you haven’t done it yet);
Link to your new private Sugarsync site with subdomain name, carefully selected before ;) , and
c) Link to the Help and Sugarsync system FAQ.

SugarSync account is activated!

7. Now you can login to your private site following the link looking like and start observing its content and navigation.
For mobile device users the URL looks like

8. Start the installation file SugarSyncSetup.exe and setup SugarSync Manager. Without Manager most of the SugarSync services simply will be unavailable.

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