JBL wireless speakers

Wireless speakers become more and popular not only among computer and iPod users, but among home cinema and Hi-Fi fans too. After 25-watt Magnat Interior Wireless, I’ve found very similar speakers from professional acoustic systems developer – JBL, which is a unit of Harman International Industries, Inc.

JBL control 2.4 G wireless speakers
JBL Control 2.4 G wireless speaker system

JBL CONTROL 2.4 G is 2-way, wireless active speaker system with 30 Watt nominal output power (total). Each speaker contains built-in digital amplifier, 0.50″ Titanium-Laminate driver for high frequency and 4″ compression-type driver for low. Their frequency response range is 50 – 20000 Hz (-3 dB), that is not bad for small boxes! The speakers have a magnetic shield and rubber shock pads on the top and bottom. JBL CONTROL look just like JBL’s Pro line of professional audio equipment. Complete set includes two speakers, 2.4 Ghz transmitter and remote control unit.

These wireless speakers can be placed  in the bedroom, kitchen, garage or even on the patio – wherever you need to hear their sound. And when you connect the JBL Control 2.4G wireless system to your computer, iPod or other portable media player, your music library is anywhere you want it to be. The speakers themselves must be plugged in to an AC source and are connected to each other by speaker wire.

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