Eos wireless base and speakers

Eos wireless base and speakers – made for iPod and other music devices

With Eos Wireless iPod speakers you can broadcast your music up to 150 feet away, inside or out. Digital transfer means no static and no interference.

Eos wireless audio system allows to hear your music everywhere you are – in any room, kitchen or even toilet. Just plug and start playing.

Eos wireless speakers

The design of the Eos Wireless is brilliant. It has a removable wall mount that plugs directly into an electrical outlet. The speakers have a 150 foot range from the iPod dock station and produce quality digital audio for multi-room sound throughout your home. Most digital speakers have interference created by Wi-Fi products. But it’s not an issue with IntelliTouch’s GigaWave error correction technology.

Eos Wireless is the world’s first digital wireless “whole home audio” speaker system for iPod made by IntelliTouch Communications. Using breakthrough WiFi friendly technology, the Eos system links up to four stereo remote wireless speakers, establishing interference-free CD sound quality (48Khz) for a range of up to 150 feet (50 meters) through walls and ceilings in both indoor and outdoor environments.