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SugarSync review

Monday, September 14th, 2009

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SugarSync is the Sharpcast’s combined online service that offers cross-platform file syncing, backup and sharing. Its particularity is a supporting of gadgets like Windows Mobile PDAs, phones and iPhones. It allows to sync, share and access files with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Android-driven and other phones. All the sync software applications are free for download at PocketPC remote backup also is possible. SugarSync has several awards, including those from Laptop Editors’ Choice and Mobile Innovation’s Top Innovator. CNET called it “Most useful sync tool ever.”
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Online Backup Advantages

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

The reasons to lose priceless data are known. Viruses, HDD crashes, file system damage, theft, laptop left in a taxi, coffee spill, flood, fire, hurricane, earthquake… Is it enough? In fact, data loosing is not a question of reason – it’s a question of time. More, statistically one in ten hard drives crash every year, while even an attempt of data recovering is very pricey. (Specialized companies charge about $3,000 with no guarantee).

Traditional local backup methods such as CDs/DVDs and external HDDs are expensive and susceptible to damage from scratching, water, temperature change, plus … read above. Even a new, fresh-burned optical disc may contain errors, that once can become residual – no matter have you done time-consuming data verification right after the burning, or not.

Furthermore, these methods require time, empty discs, and manual intervention. Look, you need to insert discs manually. Even if you’re doing space-saving incremental backup, you need to have fresh ones because you don’t know when your media will be totally filled. I don’t say about Blue-Ray writable discs (BD-R or BD-RE) that are even more expensive, and not every computer have Blue-Ray drive. The popular netbooks even have not DVD-drives! This means that backup is not doing regularly, and once your important data may be lost.
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SugarSync vs competition

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Below is the chart comparing SugarSync features with its closest competitors like DropBox.
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Sync software reviews

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Synchronization or Sync software (or online services) allow sharing data between Mac and Windows PCs, mobile devices, smartphones, and iPhones either on a one time basis or on an ongoing basis. reviews 46 products for synchronization, including SugarSync, that has 5 out of 5 in their Rating.
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Missing Sync – software to archive iPhone Voice Mails

Monday, July 6th, 2009

The users of Missing Sync software will never miss out on voice mails and memos on their iPhones. Because a software enables easy transferring them to Mac in no time. Users can have an archive of all voice messages and notes. Version 2.0.2 is compatible with the iPhone 3.0 OS.
The creator of an award-winning PC and PDA synchronization software, designed as a companion to iTunes, is Mark/Space Inc – well-known sync experts. They also developed Fliq and SyncTogether early.
The cost of Missing Sync is $40 ($30 for owners of any Mark/Space product).


SpiderOak sync/backup service does more and costs less than DropBox

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

SpiderOak enables users to backup, sync, share, access, and store files from any combination of Windows, Mac and Linux computers as well as external storage media in a single account. All data is housed in a central storage repository and accessible from any Internet-enabled device.

The service’s sync feature enables to set up an unlimited number of sync routines between two or more locations and/or devices, ensuring that the same content is available on home and work machines, desktops and laptops, or any other combination of computers, external hard drives, network drives, removable media and/or peripherals.

SpiderOak’s recent addition of synchronization to its suite of online data backup, sharing, access and storage services gives a more comprehensive, flexible, secure and affordable alternative to DropBox – a sync service that costs twice as much and requires extra steps for far fewer benefits.
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ActiveSync – the most known sync software for gadgets

Monday, May 25th, 2009

ActiveSync is a data synchronization software developed by Microsoft for use with its Windows OS, excluding Windows Vista where it is replaced with Windows Mobile Device Center.

For the first time ActiveSync was released under the name “Handheld PC Explorer” in 1996. It provides transporting documents, calendars, contact lists and email between PC and a mobile device, such as PDA, mobile phone, smartphone, communicator or any other portable device that supports the ActiveSync protocol.
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Регистрация в SugarSync по шагам

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

1. Кликните баннер:

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Файловый обменник и email на 2 ГБ бесплатно

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Компания DIINO предлагает интересный мультисервис, который можно обозвать “веб-сейфом”.
В него входят:
1. Файловый обменник
2. Почтовый ящик
3. Блог
4. Онлайновый бэкап

Всем это шифрованное (2048 бит), объемом до 2 ГБ в бесплатном варианте, и оптимизированное для мобильников/PDA.
Полный обзор по ссылке Бесплатный файлообменник Diino.